Value Of Respect

Everything has a purpose in the world. We ignore to maintain the feet that bear our weight and render mobility. Respect all that exist in a place without causing damage to them. An ant strikes a sharp bite if you encroach its place. Fire scorches anything that ignores it. Live electric wire shocks the trespasser. Even without food a person can live, but respect. Riches by default can’t bring respects.

Respect should be earned not by force, but through good deeds. One should not demand it, but deserve it. Respect is a virtue of life. Though it generally means the dignity of a person, there are several ways of displaying the respect. Here, the most common expressions are listed.

1. Do not ignore anything, including the mute and non-living things. A thorn punctures the casual stepping of feet. Tiny stone hurts more than a rock during the walk.

2. Respect the sentiments and beliefs. Each society and religion have a uniqueness to suit their lifestyle. Mutual respect spreads peace and happiness. Understanding the feelings of others help in developing cordial relations. Attending a funeral marks the respect to the departed soul.

3. Respect the value of life. Take care as not to affect others’ lives. Prefer softness and frankness in any communication, spoken or written, to assert the self and impact the opponent.

4. Respect the rules and regulations of a place. Because they are meant for the safety and welfare of the people. Any ignorance of them is not acceptable as an excuse. For instance, Road rules not only make your drive safely and also protect the lives of those moving on the road, pedestrians or other vehicles. At the same time, don’t try to bend the rules to suit your convenience or to favor somebody.

5. Respect others privacy and freedom. That’s the greatest help everyone can do the fellow beings. Entering another person’s property or place without right or permission constitutes an encroachment, but many do not mind the hatred and penalties that they invite in the process. Some people have the nasty habit of telephoning during the late night hours. Because they don’t get sleep.

6. Respect the elders. There are many people who never visited their elderly parents for years together: not even bothered to know whether they are alive. However, they call on the parents when they face financial or physical strains.

Each person is intelligent and equipped with distinct skills. In the same way, everybody has some shortcomings. So, Let’s seek and respect the goodness of everybody, whether small or big, poor or rich, young or old. Respect brings value to all. Disrespect breeds enmity and conflict.

Respect should be a two-way traffic as ‘Give and Take.’ Else, it becomes an issue of Self-respect.………………